Matthys Wijnimport | Excellence in wine

Frank Matthys founded his wine import business in 1993 with the ambition to revitalise the offer.  The wine market in the early 1990s was very much one-dimensional and even boring.  After extensive travels throughout the world vineyard, the conclusion was crystal clear.  Passionate and trendsetting vignerons, producing elegant and refined wines with plenty of individuality and authenticity, are to be found in all corners of the globe.

Frank had acquired a lot of sales & marketing skills after his studies (Vlekho-Brussels and Vlerick Business School-Ghent).  He successfully passed the exams for World Wine Master in 2001, by far the best education for wine merchants with an open vision.  He travels the world on a permanent basis, always in search for the estate that stands out.  Speaking six languages is obviously an asset, as it facilitates considerably the contact with the vignerons.

Matthys Wines is still the most trendsetting wine merchant, with an offer of wines sourced from up to 100 wine estates, out of over 25 countries.  All wines are purchased on a direct basis.  No exceptions!

Only balanced and unmanipulated wines with personality form part of the catalogue.  Wines with a flashy label, highly acclaimed by the press or with a wall full of medals, are rather meaningless next to a solid long-term relationship with the vignerons.  An ongoing interaction with them is the best insurance for quality sourcing.

We invite you to go through this website that offers you a maximum of information.  You are welcome in our wine shop in Bruges but online ordering is possible as well.