Matthys wines | FAQ

1. Ordering.

Minimum order is € 150, unless collected at our wine shop in Bruges.
Subject to availability.
Your order will be confirmed via e-mail.

2. Shipment cost.

Shipping cost will be calculated and depends on the weight of the parcel.  It will be indicated when you order online.

  • Belgium:  free of charge for orders € 300 and above; €15,00 for orders from € 150 to € 300.
  • Neighbouring countries: € 20 for parcels weighing up to 10kg; € 45 for parcels 10kg-30kg.
  • Other countries: shipping cost will be communicated via e-mail.

3. Terms of delivery.

In case of delivery by by appointment (phone or e-mail).
In case of shipment via 24h to 72h.

4. Terms of payment.

In case of collection at the wine shop in Bruges: cash payment or bank cards.
In case of home delivery: online payment module.