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‘Excellence in Wine’

Matthys Wijnimport  

In the early 90s, the Belgian wine market was extremely one-dimensional.  A classic French wine offer without vision was on offer.  Frank Matthys started his wine import business in 1993, with the ambition to open up the national market.  After many trips abroad, the conclusion was crystal clear.  Skilled winemakers with a drive for refinement and individuality can be found in every corner of the World.

After his Masters degrees in Business and Marketing (Vlekho – Brussels and Vlerick School for Management – Ghent), Frank had acquired a lot of sales and marketing experience.  On top of that, he succeeded in 2001 for the best wine education programme called ‘Wereldwijnmeester’ (World wine master) at Syntra-West.  He travels the World on a permanent basis, in search of those wineries that make a difference.  He speaks six languages which helps a lot in contacting winemakers in faraway areas.

Wine connoisseurs were initially quite critical towards the New World wines, but they have changed their minds in the meantime, convinced of that broader vision.  Frank continues to be a trendsetter, looking for the rising stars in the fine wine scene.

Matthys Wijnimport makes a point in selecting often smaller wineries with a maximum of respect for the environment.  Due to their smaller scale, they have limited commercial and marketing resources.  Their excellent nature wines do deserve the greatest attention and consumption of those wines are beneficial for your health.

The following items are respected when selecting new wines.  Those criteria have remained unchanged since the start of the company:

Finesse and balance are essential

Oak ageing only when it gives an extra dimension to the complexity of the wine

Moderate alcohol levels which are in harmony with the wine

Low or medium extraction

Integrity of the vigneron

Consistency of the full range of wines

A high rating in the influential anglo-saxon press is not a guarantee for selection

No label blindness

We invite you to go through this website that offers you a maximum of information.  You are welcome in our wine shop in Bruges but online ordering is possible as well.

Espana wine
Espana wine
Espana wine